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SEND Information

Special Needs and Disabilities at Valley

At Valley Nursery School we always strive to support all children to make progress in their learning, in their independence and to achieve the best possible outcomes. For some children this may mean that we need to give them a bit more support to overcome any barriers that they may have.

Our commitment to children and families at Valley

We will work with you, as parents and carers, to help us to understand your child’s strengths, gifts and abilities as well as their needs or additional help that they might require.

We will have regular meetings with you to make sure we continue to meet your child’s needs and to develop individual plans to help them to make progress.

Useful Documents

What are Special Educational Needs?

A child may have a special educational need (SEN) if they require additional or different provision to support them in their learning. A child may have difficulty with cognition and learning, understanding others and expressing themselves, sensory perception, communication and interaction, or some difficulty with physical mobility. These difficulties may cause barriers to the child’s learning. For some this may be a temporary difficulty, while others they may have a long term need for special help.

A child who needs extra support. What happens now?

If your child is identified as needing some additional support in an area, they may be placed on the school’s SEND register. The school will work with you as parents or carers to identify their strengths, needs and any extra help they may require. Your child will be set targets each half term so that their progress can be monitored closely. These targets are within our ‘Assess, Plan, Do, Review’ cycle and will enable them to have very individualised targets set to achieve. They will be supported to access provision and opportunities to reach these targets.

What else does Valley Nursery offer?

At Valley Nursery we are committed to giving children every opportunity to learn in a safe and happy environment. For some children the nursery environment may be too much for them and they need a smaller and quieter environment. For these children we have Nurture provisions that are calm, quiet and distraction free. These are staffed with a high adult to child ratio and are kept to small groups.

Children can access these environments for parts of the nursery session and then they are given opportunity to explore and access the rest of the setting including sensory rooms, dabble pool, outdoors and have access to all provision to meet the EYFS curriculum.

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