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SEND Support

All children will be provided with high quality provision that is differentiated to meet the needs of all learners. The quality of provision for children with SEND is monitored through a number of processes that include:

1. Observation by the senior leadership team which includes the SENCO.

2. Ongoing assessment of progress made by children with SEND.

3. Scrutiny of planning and provision to ensure effective matching of work to children’s need.

4. Practitioner meetings with the SENCO to provide advice and guidance on meeting the needs of children with SEND.

5. Pupil and parent feedback on the quality and effectiveness of interventions provided.

6. Attendance records.


Children with a disability will be provided with reasonable adjustments (such as auxiliary aids and services) to overcome any disadvantage experienced in school and increase their access to the early years curriculum.


Children who are looked after by the Local Authority and have SEN will receive additional weekly support from the Designated Teacher for Looked After Children. Individual targets will be formulated and progress will be shared with all parties involved in the care of the child at PEP meetings as well as SEN review meetings. Provision for these pupils is quality checked by Walsall Virtual School.


All children have individual targets set in line with national Early Years Outcomes to ensure ambition. Parents are informed of these via the reporting system, review meetings and also at events such as Parents’ Evenings.


Children’s attainment is tracked using the whole school tracking system and those failing to make expected levels of progress are identified very quickly. A discussion between a member of the Senior Leadership team and the keyworker results in the identification of additional action to increase the rate of progress.  Actions are recorded and will include a review of the impact of the strategies being used. If required, additional strategies or interventions to further support the success of the pupil, are initiated.


Where it is decided during this early discussion that special educational provision is required to support accelerated progress, parents will be informed that the school considers their child may require SEN support and their partnership sought in order to improve attainments.

How will parents be helped to support their child’s learning?


Please click here to see whole school newsletters that identify current learning taking place.


The keyworker or SENCO may also suggest additional ways of supporting your child’s learning.


If you have ideas on support that you would like to have access to in order to further support your child’s learning, our SENCO is able to sign post parents to a range of services. She can be contacted via the school office.

Parents are invited to ‘Stay and Play’ sessions and focus activity days.

Support services for parents of pupils with SEN include:


  • Parent Partnership Services (PPS) offer independent advice and support to parents and carers of all children and young people with SEND.  Walsall PPS can be located via

  • For parents who are unhappy with the Local Authority or school responses to their child’s SEND, parents may seek mediation from the regional mediation services.  Information on this free service is located here

  • Parents and carers can also appeal to the Government’s SEND tribunal if you disagree with the Local Authorities decisions about your child’s special educational needs. You can also appeal to the tribunal if the school or council has discriminated against your disabled child.  Information on this process is available here

  • Walsall Children and young people’s service directory

  • MENCAP –

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